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About Us

The HM Group Cape Town comprises of a range of companies, well known for the production of  glass fibre and resin as a core focus. The development of the company structure signifies progression and job creation in niche markets. Through rapid expansion and growth, we were able to purchase 40 000m2 of industrial property, which now houses all our manufacturing plants and employs about 400 members of staff.

  • Our first company, IWT Abrasives, began manufacturing cutting discs in 1994. These products are used in grinding and cutting wheels for the local abrasive market.
  • Soon IWT Abrasives branched out into the manufacturing of backing plates, which lead to the establishment of a second company, Drycoat in 1997.
  • Capensis was formed in 2000 to cater for the Group's growing needs and Busaf Park was purchased.
  • In 2007 we started to recover resin from our cutting waste, and this lead to the opening of our first resin plant, DAP Resins. Today DAP Resins is a full scale resin plant, producing phenolic resin.
  • Part of the HM Group’s philosophy is to recycle their waste products in a responsible manner and thus W-Tech Manufacturing, was born 2004.  W-Tech specialises in the weaving, carding and stitching of glass fibre into fabrics. These fabrics are utilised as reinforcement in the final production of a variety of materials and products.
  • With the knowledge gained from glass fibre and resins technology, GRP & Composites was established in July 2008, specialising in glass reinforced panels and composites. This business was incorporated into Fibretek in May 2013. The acquisition of Fibretek, specialising in pultruded technology, continued our growth into vertical integration. Today, Fibretek is one of the biggest players in the glass fibre industry in South Africa.
  • Purple Line Plastics added yet another new dimension to our group offering, specialising in the manufacturing of blow and injection moulding thermoplastics. They cater for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and hospitality markets.
  • G-Force Fabrication came to life at the start of 2013. The company was initially started to support the internal maintenance, manufacturing and project needs of the HM Group Cape Town. They specialise in engineering projects and products, ranging from machine building, plate steel fabrication, tooling and maintenance services.
  • G-LAM is the newest addition to the HM Group, manufacturing hybrid composite phenolic panels by means of heat pressing, lamination and coating. From high-tech applications such as fire doors, to ballistic panels and community-based projects, G-LAM is a company built on customer-focussed innovation.

The Group was also involved in establishing the City Improvement District for the Triangle Farm Area in August 2008, creating a cleaner and safer working environment.

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